Uncleweb Studio has changed the lucky board item to a man knit beanie hair. Changes every 2 minutes, the two in a pack hair won't spend much of your time like other lucky boards/chairs, and they are totally worth it.

Uncle Web Lucky Chair
Left to Right:
Hair: Uw.st nit-Hair size-L coffee
Hair: Uw.st nit-Hair size-L Fallen leaf

There's this huge sale in ETD at the moment where most of the things are 30L (even the new styles are and it annoyed Ding a lot), if you can't get in don't worry because this sale will go on till 12/26. Hope you have tons of fun shopping.

Short Update.

Kuri Style has some 5L dresses to grab, don't know if it's limited though, so hurry~!

Kuri Style
From Left to Right:
Dress: K*S ONE-PIECE115shining(S)BOX (5L, comes in other colors too)
Dress: K*S ONE-PIECE117BLACK veivetBOX (5L, comes in other colors too)

Elate! has a dollarbie dress (don't know for how long) and a pumpkin for the grid wide hunt, get it before they are gone too.

From Left to Right:
Dress: (Elate!) Kaylee (1L)
Dress: (Elate!) Annalisa -Dream (in the pumpkin)

Also a gorgeous gown that you can get for 1L at Archange after joining the Archange Update Group.

Gown: *Archange : Christine - Copper (1L, Join Archange Update Group and get here)

That's it for now. Have fun!

I didn't post last night because I decided to give all of us a break since we know we should party hard and forget about hunting and shopping for freebies for 1 day. Back to business today, there are two skins from Beauty Avatar and Free Speerit, which I think are keepers (even though halloween is over) up for grabs:

Poses: FS Skin / Halloween Special -Why So Serious? poses (Join Free Speerit Group and check notices)

From Left to Right:
Skin: *Beauty Avatar* Halloween skin Gift 2v (1L)
Skin: FS Skin / Halloween Special -Why So Serious? (Join Free Speerit Group and check notices)

I went to DP YUM YUM the other day to get the half price peacoat, but couldn't figure out how and I met Minami Susanowa, apparently she's the owner of Project Kiwi. Her store is not a very big one, but they are good, and the tops shown below are free in her store:

Project Kiwi
From Left to Right:
Top: Project Kiwi - Duckie Shirt (0L)
Top: Project Kiwi - Kiwi Shirt

Although the sale is over, I still have to show you how cute the DP A line coat is, and it's an essential for the inventory (Minami, thanks for your 50% card):

DP Yum Yum

Check back later, more coming up~!

Ding is one annoying girl (the blockheads agreed) and she's so annoying that the blockheads hired some witches to teach her a lesson. So they tried hard to figure a way to shut her mouth up.

Witch Avatar: El'n - LE Witch Avatar (TP here to join group and check notices to get it)

After much discussion, they found out that they could actually grow a giant human eating evil plant to chomp Ding down.


The plant finally grew into a ferocious man eating machine and the witches lured Ding over to their place ala Hansel and Gretel style and they succeeded!


And Ding is now still struggling to get out from the mouth of the evil plant. Save her, anybody?

Don't forget to check out Eln wooden robot avatar and sprout robot avatar when you are there, they are super cute! Oh, save Ding out too if you happen to see her struggling in the mouth of the evil plant. LOL. Good night!

P/S Thanks Paoletta Fullstop for the info on Eln and thanks Eln Alter for giving away such cute AVs, last but not least, thanks for posing in the pictures. : )

Three very nice dresses at Ingenue and Sweet Rainbow, free for grab!

Free Dresses
From Left to Right:
Dress:Ingenue ~ Polka Love ~ Halloween Gift (0L)
Dress: ...S*R... fairly white dress
Dress:...S*R...The Snowflake Dress (0L)

Two cute tops for 1L @ Bombon!

From Left to Right:
Top: BomBon Free mizutama Blouse Pink*
Top: BomBon Free Tanktop Pink*

No teaser items on the hunt today, but there are good news, there will be a lucky draw for 1000L Muism gift certificates and a 500L Chambre Du Chocolat gift certificate to be won in the hunt. So remember to drop by next Monday~! I will show more teaser items tommorow, so stay tuned.

Good night!

There's a limited time freebie till 10/31 at Aoharu, so grab it quick~! There's also a same outfit in another color on the lucky chair (I believe it used to be the same one from the crush row.), so try out your luck at the same time!

Outfit: Aoharu: SailorCollarJacket:LightGreen (Limited Freebie till 10/31)

So here is a teaser showing you more stuffs that you can get from the D-list hunt, which will be starting on 11/3. Thanks to Rockberry, Bingo, Ibizzare, DYN and EMA for participating and providing such nice stuff, you girls are AWESOME and thanks!

Skin: .:[RockBerry] D-Hunt skins
From Left to Right:
Dress: {Bingo} Niv Orange Set for fugly blockhead hunt
Bag: =E.M.A= BAG

Coat and Jeans: Ibizzare: Peacoat and Glam Jeans

DYN Rose Playsuit

There will be more that could be found in the hunt~! And that's about it for today, have a great night!

Aoharu has a new item on both the men and women's lucky chair again. I like how the green fur lined coat look on me. The blue coat on Fiona is one of the two items on the girl's lucky chair , there's also an additional new outfit on the girl's lucky chair.

On Fiona: Aoharu:AOHARU:SimpleTrenchCoat_Blue

On Vent: Aoharu: AOHARU:FurLeatherJacket_Green

There's also a free outfit at DYN for men to be grabbed, limited for less than 24 hours only, hurry!
Outfil: DYN: RL Polo (white) and DYN Mens Brown Camo Shorts (FREE for 24 hours)

The Retrology Hunt is ending is this week, so if you haven't finish getting your stuff, hurry. I finally got all the Thimbles dresses from the hunt~!

Thimbles @ Retrology
From Left to Right:
Dress: *Thimbles* I Got Caught in a Flood - Dress/Black here
Dress: Thimbles - Last Dance Dress - Retrology Gift here
Dress: Thimbles - Charo Dress - Retrology Gift

As I promised, Vent and I will start to give you a teaser on what you will get for the hunt, and below are two items that you can get from there:

Alphamale & Tuli
Lingerie: ~Blacklace~: Midnight Affair: Scarlet Satin Set
Skin&Eyes: []::Tuli::[] Meredith (suntanned) Maya

Keep checking back, more great stuff to be posted soon~!

There's a dollarbie outfit at L.A. COUTURE which you have to get. It also comes in a black version which you can get at the cheap price of 50L.

LA couture
Outfit:L.A. COUTURE :Joshua Brown Couture (1L)

Two Lucky Chairs, two group gifts and a sale. Hurry over to grab!

From Left to Right:
Dress: **DP**Button and Rose-red(1L, also comes in yellow)

Dress: **DP**Secret Friday brown (36L)
Skin: .::Glanz::. Skin.koharu - Pink (Join Glanz Group to get, limited time)

Coat: GRANDMA!**simple-shortcoat-maze (Join Grandma! Update Group and check notices)

Hair: =TEKUTEKU= sunshine+mix_orange (Lucky Chair)
Scarf: *Muism* [Chunky Scarf] Large/Halloween Tartan (Lucky Chair)

Thanks Gala for the info! FYI: The designers have started rezzing out their noobs around Noobtown and we will start previewing the stuff that you can get in the hunt starting tommorow.
Have a great night people~!

There's a 50% off everything sale at Valiant from now through Halloween, so guys, stock up neat stuff for your closet now. There's also an unlucky chair in Valiant that has three neat items and changes every 5 minutes.

Valiant 3
Shorts: *Valiant* ALi Splash Surfer Boardies (from lucky chair)

Valiant 2
Top: *Valiant* N Flite t-shirt blue (from lucky chair)

Valiant 1
From Left to Right:
Outfit: *
Valiant* Designer Showcase Autumn Suit (125L)

Top: *
Valiant* Shirt & Waistcoat (from lucky chair)

Good Night!

A really short post today as Ephe, Lanai, Vent and I were really busy trying to finish up the decoration on the hunt sim. Yes, there will be a hunt and the D-Hunt will start a week from now on the 11/3 and last thru a week till the 11/9, and it will be awesome because there will be great stuffs from designers to grab. All of these, will be happening in a Noobtown which will only be open on 11/3.

Oh no..Noobheads are invading...(pic taken @ Noobtown)

Back to the dollarbie of the day, Vent came across this store and asked me to get these, and they are nice stuffs~!

freebies of the day
From Left to Right: (Everything are in a 1L box)
Top: *~JABS~* Red Tube
*~JABS~* Jeans

*~JABS~* Wool Knit Tank
*~JABS~* Black Pants with stripes

Stay tuned for D Hunt and have a great week ahead~!

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