Some gifts from Fishy Strawberry and a cute dress in today's Artilleri's advent gift. Try out your luck at Fishy Strawberry's Lucky Chair for a really pretty winter outfit!

From left to right:
Top: *Fishy Strawberry* Reindoggy Sweater Gift (get it here)
Bottom(from a skirt): *Fishy Strawberry* - Corduroy Skirt (subscribo gift)

Dress: /artilleri/ charlotte dress *purple* (1L, one day only)

There's a hunt at Costa Rica shopping district searching for bears and coins which will be ending tommorow, I don't have the coordinates except for the two I am showing. Have fun anyways!

costa rica hunt
Dress: Emery@ Costa Rica Hunt - Dress The Ponytail Parade
Dress: Solange@ Costa Rica Hunt: GOLD 2008 Holiday Dress

Some gifts from the usual stores and a really cute necklace to grab for now.

From left to right:
Top: [KA] Designs christmas gift 12/13: Dare Jacket (1 day only)
Necklace: (VW) Wayfarer Charm Necklace (1L, thanks Gossipgirl!)

Top with hat: Prim & Pixel Paradise :Poinsettia Dec 13: Gingerbread Sweater (1 day only)

Dress: ~Ivalde ~ 13 Adventgift * : Randi Dress *

Check back for more updates! Have a great day!

Archange gift

Archange has given out a really cute dollarbie dress for the group. Join Archange Group and get it here now.

Dress: *Archange : Odette Dress-Fern (1L, Join Archange Group and get it here)

Have a great night!

Not much updates today, but I hope these pair of 10L comfy red boots from M+M will make your day! Offer only last through 12/25, so hurry! Sweatshirt is an old freebie from UnTone Quilt which you still can grab it here.

Top: *UnTone Quilt* FREE!!! Duck brown sweatshirt (0L)
Boots:M+M mouton boots red (10L, till 12/25)

And there's this christmas special at BomBon for both guys and girls where each gift pack are just 66L. In the pack you will get two sets of christmas motif outfits (sweater and pants), best part is that it's transferable so you can share it with your friends!

Outfits (sweater and pants): BomBon*Xmas*SP* (66L for both)

Have fun, as usual!

There's a hunt at Savvy Avvy, 12 huge boxes that contain goodies for both men and women to found, VERY EASY TO IDENTIFY, don't know when the hunt will end so hurry!

savvy avvy
On Ding:
Dress: [savvy avvy] gift #7 - Hypnose cocktail dress (also comes in gown version)

On Vent:
Headphone: [savvy avvy] gift #3 az SLONY pro dj headphones
Sweater: [savvy avvy] gift #2 polar neck sweater - brown

savvy avvy
On Ding:
Coat: ***La petite fleur chidori short court*** @ B.A.S. (Lucky Chair, thanks Galadhriel!)

On Vent:
Sweater: [savvy avvy] gift #1- winter pullover white

Since it's a seriously easy hunt, I will let you find them by yourselves. :)) Good luck hunting!

A little christmas something from Reasonable Desires for the girls before I hit the bed. Thanks Isabeau Reinard for sending me a copy !

reasonable desires
Dress: *RD* RETRO CHRISTMAS (Profile picks. Add Resonable Desires to your picks and get it here after 24 hours)
Lingerie:*RD* CHRISTMAS ANNE (Join Reasonable Desires Group and get it here)

And also pick up this dollarbie thermal from Momo and get the undies from their group. Join ~momo~ Update Group and check notices to get them.

Top: ~momo~xmas top(1L)
Undies: ~momo~xmas panties (Join ~momo~ Update Group and check notices)

Good night!

Advent gifts and POE hunt gift from Artilleri, KA Designs and Kar'Ona. The necklace I am wearing with the Artilleri pants is a gift from Mariya of Chignon. (Thanks Mariya!)

Snapshot.jpg_014 copy
From left to right:
/artilleri/ Ruby highwaist capris *red*(1L, Join Artilleri group and get it here)

[KA] Designs christmas gift 12/11 (1L)

Dress: Kar'Ona Couture POE Gift #163: Mikail Dress
(Warning: Open this at a space which allows you to rezz something more than 155 prims, the bag that contains the dress is 155 prims)

Katx of Bingo! tped me to a Japanese TV Comedy station (NSK) which is very fun and you get nice free tees like these shown below:

Snapshot.jpg_011 copy
From left to right:
Top: [ NSK ] Love&Laugh T-shirt (0L)
NSK Green Tshirt (0L)

Went around the grid christmas shopping with Katx and Creapink, and chilled out a bit at Plod. The hunt is still on, if you haven't do it yet, instructions were posted by Venturino here.Here's a picture of three of us in a tin can:

@ plod
Anticlockwise: Creapink, Katx and me @ Plod

Have a great evening!

Grab these!

... as they are worth every effort of Tping around ^^.

From left to right:
Outfit: Damiani: Gift 10 (1L, Join Damiani Group and get here)
Dress: SYSY's groupgift: Black sparkle cocktail dress (Subscribo Gift)
Top: (PixelDolls) Elizabeth . Group Gift! (Subscribo Gift)

More to come. Laters!

More Updates!

Grab these:

Hair: Digit Darkes POE Gift #126-NATURALe-Defiance
From left to right:
Bottom: Mimikri
@Vanity Universe: Star Pants red
Outfit: Ibizarre
@Vanity Universe: Renee Outfit
Dress: Ibizarre
@Vanity Universe: Bolero Dress

And these for the guys too!

Top: Damiani: Gift 9 (1L, Join Damiani Group and get it here)
Jeans: [KA] Designs christmas gift 12/9 (1 day only)

Have fun!

Lotsa gifts~!

Click the links/Join the groups to grab the stuffs!

From left to right:
Hair:DK: Wynter Group Gift ( Join Deviant Kitties Update Group and check notices)
Outfit: [S&S} Xmas Present (1L)

Top : Crash POE Gift #57: Don't feed the Models
Jeans: [KA] Designs christmas gift 12/9 (1 day only)

Hair: {fascino} *+.X'masGift.+*
(Join {fascino} Hair Salon Group and check notices)
Dress: ~Ivalde ~ Adventgift 9*Faustine* (Join Ivalde Group and get it here)

And I think you have to have this dollarbie hot chocolate (marshmallow on top :D) giver table set from Grimalkin. Thanks Nikita Weymann for dropping me a copy! (Update: Nikita also made a version specially for vamps: Blood and Marshmallows, also for 1L)

table that gives hot chocolate
Table set: [Grimalkin] Intimate Dining Set (1L)

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Chai Holiday hunt!

Fairly easy hunt, you are asked to find very visible black gems in Chai. TP here and start going into all the rooms to look for them! There are 8 skins (same skin 8 different skintones with various options) , 2 tees, a shape and a set of nails to be grabbed! The hunt will end 12/31, so you have tons of time still. Here are some of the skins from the hunt:

chai skin
Skin:<LF CHAI Double-Shot> Brisk

Have fun hunting! Thanks Galadhriel for your help!!!

Today's advent gift at KA is a bright colored hoody for guys, available today only, and also not to forget to grab this great dollarbie tee from Aitui too!

Jacket: KA advent gift 12/8 >lightbulb
Top: Aitui - Tee - Winter 08 - Snow Blue (0L)

Happy Monday!

It's Monday again.

There are some HOT dollarbies to grab at 24 Shoo. They are all located under the christmas tree! There's also a dollarbie black dress located on the wall, which was previously posted here

24 shoo
Outfits: 24 SHOO: Gifts for everybody (1L each)

A POE hunt gift and also a group gift from Kittylicious to grab too.

Outfit:*Kittylicous* xmas gift (Join *Kittylicous* group here and touch the board on the wall)
Outfit:::UP:: POE Gift #306: FeltPonchoCoat[HolidayGreen]

And more skins for the skin lovers from Miasnow and Kittylicious!

Skin: *Kittylicous* Group Gift Skin (Join *Kittylicous* group here and touch the board on the wall)
Skin:MIASNOW Skin - JASMINE EVENING OUT (1L, in the candy cane)

Have a great day!

More skins from POE hunt, a necklace I grabbed at *BF and some hair from BP (Thanks Gertie!).

Hair: BP*xmas tree HAIR (0L)
Skins: [42] skins POE Gift #147: [Serenity]
Earrings: {JUNK} POE Gift #175: Zantendeschia Earring
Necklace: !BF! Vintage Beach Necklace (1L)

Please also go get this christmas gift from OC designs, it's a super nice gown, and it's free!

Dress: *OC* Xmas Chic (0L)

Good night!

I've been getting bored with the phone texting typing AO that Vent introduced in the Docomo phone post, and I saw Kail using these the other day and I swore that I have to get one myself. The bestest part of these Happy Mood hand puppets are that they are free!! You have to go grab it and see how cute they are while you are talking in local chat! (Thank you for helping find this, people.)

Happy Mood
Typing AO: HPMD* Rabbit Hand Puppets free!
Happy Mood
Typing AO: HPMD* Rabbit Hand Puppets free!

Here are also some updates on goodies from POE hunt and dollarbies picked along the way. And also a really nice skin that you should get:

Skin: Romi juliesse:** Merry Christmas ** Romi2 Skin (0L)
Earrings: {JUNK} POE Gift #175: Acer Earring
Necklace: !BF! Promo Big Cheese Necklace (1L)

Have fun with the puppets!

Short update today. Click links to grab stuff!

From left to right:
Top: ~Ivalde ~ Adventgift7 *Yelena* (Join Ivalde Group and get it here)
Dress:/artilleri/ advent gift 7 zesty zebra dress *neon teal* (Join Artilleri Group and get it here)
Dress:.::FORBIDDEN FRUIT::. POE Gift #24: Tiffany lace skirt

Eyes: pc eyes by LL - christmas memories limited edition - medium
From left to right:
Skin: [][]Trap[][]_JROCK (1L)
Skin: [][]Trap[][] AXEL (1L)

If you think POE hunt is just for the ladies, you are wrong! You can get some neat guy stuff in the hunt too, such as these:

POE top
Skin: -Belleza- POE Gift #45: Male (#045)
From left to right:
*a.C Store POE Gift # 240: Life Style
Alphamale POE Gift #44: - Knitted sweather - Red
*AD* POE Gift # 132: Evil Twin Shirt-Beige

And if you also aren't aware that some of the advent calender gifts are for men, Damiani and KA Designs have them. The one in Damiani you have to join group and click on the Advent Calender here, while the one available in KA designs will only be there for a day.

advent top

From left to right:
Damiani: Gift6
KA Designs: UNISEX *Rity* jacket (brown)

Novocaine has also shower us with a huge box of goodies with hair and outfits for both the guys and ladies. Go pick them up now!

On Vent:
Novocaine: Kavi - cherry
Novocaine: Cafe Cardigan :: Noel

On Ding:
Novocaine: - Riko - cherry
Novocaine: Genevieve Dress :: santa

P/s: Thanks to Galadhriel :D now we have a almost complete list of POE hunt. IM me or Ding if you need it. :))

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