How to be an A-lister

According to Jezabell, my ex-neighbour, to be an A-lister, you have to either have a significant contribution towards SL such as building, scripting or be a fashionista and have a blog with traffic.

I am neither one of those stated, so the only way to work myself up the list is to gain fame by taking editorial-ish pictures and joining contests. I've taken a couple for House of Heart contest that proves that I should at least be on a C list or something:

Mother Nature 2

Hair: House of Heart: Tuli -Dark Gray
Outfit: Baiastice: Ninfa dei boschi

Snow Vixen

Hair: House of Hearts:Unkept: Heather
Top: Mekanoize Labs: De/konstruck Ghost Top and Gloves
Bottom:Cachet: Tights white

The Diva

Hair: House of Heart: Feral-Vanilla Cream
Bracelets: Armidi Giscasi: Triple Pearl Bracelet-Classy
Dress: Emery: Pas Del Cheval
Shoes: Armidi Giscasi: Viniani Heel-Pearl

So did I impress you?


I think if you love your friends and they love you, as well have fun, not at the expense of others, then you are an A lister.

I like your post, D. Will be bookmarking it. :)

26/7/08 12:33 PM  

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