The reason I haven't be posting recently is because I went all the way to Japan - to the Gion Sim. The Gion Sim is a vibrant Japanese place where you can indulge in the beauty of the Japanese culture and architectures.

Gion sim

And in order for you to fully experience the Gion Sim project, they are giving away nicely made
traditional outfits for both boys and girls to wear and visit the place.

Gion Trip

Trip to the east

Other than traditional outfit, you can also find this fine tuxedo and a flamenco dress for ladies too at the sim.

Gion Trip
Warning:The hat that comes with the outfit will be attached to the head, which will take off the hair that you are wearing. Try attaching to some other places and alter it.
Flamenco at Gion

The Gion Sim is a great place for a stunning visual and cultural experience. If you feel you have nothing much to do in SL, you might want to check out Gion. We had lots of fun and I hope that you do too!

Trip to the east


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