Tuli's Natalie.

Pay 250L to join TULI Update Group for these gorgeous group exclusive skins which will be released this weekend. The money you pay is totally worth it as Tuli gives away goodies from time to time.

tuli gift
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Natalie group exclusive (250L to join TULI Update Group and check notices.)

And a little sneak peek (soon to be released) on some of the makeups that you can find in the new Tuli's Natalie line.

tuli preview
Skins:[]::Tuli::[] Natalie skins

Thanks Tuli! Have a great evening everyone!


Love your site !!
Can u also link this hair pleasee
its so cute <333

6/3/09 3:10 AM  

Great service, easy and simple !
i like your site

7/3/09 7:29 PM  

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