Hunts and Stuff

Some gifts from Torres Mall Hunt, Miasnow hunt and other random deals/freebie. If you need help on hunts, go over to the D-list HQ, click the box on the table to get it!!

Torres Mall Hunt
Necklace: Le Choix- Atlus III - black (near rental box)

VPoses-Torres Mall
Pose: VPoses_HU_03/04 (behind the arrow of the pose stand)
Shoes on Ding: 50 flats- Sakura Flats -Torres Hunt (at the random vendor)

Torres Mall Hunt& Axel
Tee: ::THUSORAS:: Epic Shit
Undies: Mixed Nuts/TorTec 1 of 6
Monocle: (VW) Classy Monocle Box

Dress: /AXEL- Cutah Dress - Gold (1L)

MiaSnow Hunt
Bento: Fried Egg Hunt MIASNOW - 2 (1L)
T-Shirt& Toast: Fried Egg Hunt [ lurveBite ] - 2 (1L)

Have a great night~!


Might I ask where the black hair is from? :)

11/4/09 1:27 PM  

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