Stuff for men!

Things guys might want!! For more MHOH hunt items, check Free Finds For Men blog.

Snapshot_001 copy
From Left to Right:
Top: MHOH #32 - A:S:S
Ice Cream: Reek - Michelangelo Ice Cream-Guys (new release, a subscribo gift available too)

Tie: MIEL RE TIE for guys (subscribo gift, color changeable)
Outfit: MHOH #143 - Toxic Tiger

Snapshot_002 copy
From Left to Right:
Top: *Curiosity* Skull Sweater (Join *Curiosity* Group and check notices)
Jeans: MHOH #54 - Signature

Top: "NINIKOBOY"Freebie-Tshirts (0L)

From Left to Right:
Hair: MHOH #13 - Bryce Designs
Skin: -Belleza- Johan Gift (250L to Join Belleza Group and check notices)
Top: MHOH #30 - SHIKI Designs


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