Long time no see! 你好吗?

Hi there~!

Actually, I am still on vacation at the far east, till the end of August, and connectivity is limited and my laptop is crappy for pictures and all...I would like to apologize on the sudden halt of the D-list blog, but I promise everything will remain the same once I am back home!! (and omigod, I want all the stuff from Lelutka, make me your model Minnu!!! and the all the hair....omigod omigod..)

Regarding Venturino, his company has relocated him to a new branch in a new country, so he's really busy adapting to the new culture, surroundings, people and work has keep him away from the blog. However, he's still active in SL and you could catch him sometime in world (or drop him goodies) if you want.

Till then, I hope everything is great with all of you!! I wish you a cup of lemonade in July :)


Miss your blogs! Have fun relaxing!

20/7/09 12:40 PM  

We miss you, but, keep having a great time!!

20/7/09 3:37 PM  

Miss you too ... have a good time and enjoy!

23/7/09 9:33 AM  

miss you!!!! miss the best freebie blogging around <3

24/7/09 2:36 PM  

I MISS YOU! My SLife has sucked without this blog!

OK, maybe that was a slight exaggeration, but I do eagerly await your return.

Safe travels!

LOL @ word verification: fling

27/7/09 10:42 PM  

I miss you Ding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You too, Mister Ventykinz.

Mwah xoxo!!!!!!!!!!!!

27/7/09 11:23 PM  

Enjoy your time off and I look forward to seeing your upcoming posts later in the summer!

28/7/09 2:23 PM  

miss you guys! <3

30/7/09 4:40 PM  

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