If you haven't please do now, as there are really cute stuff in stores and tons of freebies/dollarbies on the boat by the deck! TP here.

Snapshot_002 copy
From left to right:
Vest: *MayoNaise* Mirotic - Sesame (120L)
Tee: *MayoNaise* Lexi's Art Project - Monotone

Top: *Etoile* - Ahoy Thermal Pull

Snapshot_003 copy
From left to right:
Dress & Wooden leg: Beetlebones Blackmarket Freebies in a Wine Bottle
Dress: TS*Purplepartydress (1L)
Dress: ::SUGARCUBE - skull and crossbones mini dress

I would like to say thanks to all of you who send me stuffs, I will try my best to catch up with the things I've missed out!


Where are the leggings worn with the vest and tee from? As well as the ones you're wearing with the thermal?

So cute!

25/8/09 3:22 PM  

the one with the vest and tee is from armidi, and the one with the thermal is from DP yumyum

25/8/09 4:42 PM  

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