Hi there! Aristotle informed me about the a.C store garage sale where some great stuff are marked down to 50L, this offer will end on 10/2. Hurry!! Besides, skins at skin fair now are at 1500 (dropped from 2300) and the venus spring is at 1200L, get your hands on some!!

AC Store
Hair: a.C. Hair Cap MelrOcool tones (50L)
Top: a.C.Glamour**Shirt. (50L)

AC Store
Hair: a.C. - STD.GloXhair PUNK.decision (50L)
Top:a.C. Prince Moleton.*.BlacK.* (50L)
Pants: a.C.RockPants.**Basic.* (50L)

Arai is celebrating their 2nd anniversary and they have given out some great unisex gifts (Thanks James!):

Arai, AC Store
Hair: a.C. - STD.GloXhair JeiLU [Wet sanD] (50L)
Glasses: *ARAI* glasses05 (0L)
Scarf: a.C.Stds Colorise.Band A1.*Grey.* (50L)
Top: *ARAI* Argyle knit_brown

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone for sending me stuff throughout the summer and apologize for not having time to blog the great stuff that I've been receiving (some of them got capped due to the lengthy period of not logging into SL) . I promise I will try my best to post the stuff that you are sending me in the future since I have kinda settled down at this new place. Once again, sorry and have fun!!


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