A long time friend of mine Illinia who owns Ninia (the store is filled with colorful/playful pieces) has come out with new, cute and affordable designs!! There's also an opening freebie at the door, drop by sometime and have a look!!

I came across Abra's post on the new Lei skins from Ugly Duck and I knew that I have to get my hands on those. It's 250L to join Ugly Duck group and you can get these super interesting but cute skins in the notice.

Skin: Lei - Bear fun (250L to join Ugly Duck group and check notices)
Dress: Ninia:Dots dress

Skin: Lei- Love Lies Bleeding (250L to join Ugly Duck group and check notices)
Pants: Ninia: Candy pants


Diiiing, I Love the Lei skins on you. You're totally adorable in them! Thanks for the mention babes! <3333

16/9/09 12:43 AM  

Hello Ding :) (I'm Anaeli DuCasse ^^ your usual reader lol)you know I've found (looking for cool jewelry) this store that you posted about before "La Gyo" and they have 1 more freebie necklace there called "LaGyo underforest necklace" for 4 lindens, it's quite pretty :) here's the landmark http://slurl.com/secondlife/Garman/149/106/102
I don't know if you poested about it but I wanted to let you know :D

17/9/09 8:58 PM  

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