Banned from Fusion.

I am banned from Fusion Sim and I can't think of a reason for it.

Then I found out:

"Jori said that you were renting here and that you were caught copybotting????"

That's interesting.

Apparently someone has not only thrown me out of my sim before my rent is due and not telling me why, but has also been starting some drama out of it, big time.

Although the thought of copybotting amuses me, it disgusts me at the same time.

Copybotting = Stealing.

Stealing is just not right, even if it's in a game, moreover, this is a virtual world that involves real moolah in it.

If I have a copybot, I would already be giving the copybotted version stuff of your entire store away.

Don't go bad mouthing me before knowing me well enough/without any solid evidence just because you have a tycoon bf.

I still love you despite all these, please do remember that.


I know there's a lot of actions being taken in world to combat the copybotters, and it's understandably ferocious. With news of this, though, it worries me that it's going to turn into a witchhunt and cause a lot of grief to people who actually don't deserve it.

7/10/09 12:01 AM  

wow that is ridiculously unprofessional, even if it was from a good source she should have talked to you before making ANY decisions. i will remind myself and others never to rent there.

7/10/09 1:14 AM  

That's so unprofessional, I hope you got a refund at least..

7/10/09 1:20 AM  

Wow, to accuse someone of such a thing without any proof other then "my boyfriend said so" is pretty vicious. It's a damn shame that LL do not take actions on bad business ethics. I sure hope she refund your rent. If not, what's to stop her from stealing rent from other renters and accusing them of the same thing. *shakes head*

7/10/09 1:20 AM  

Ehh, I know of another well-known creator who was banned out of her parcel by a sim owner because someone told them she was copybotting. Could the same people be starting these rumours or is this just going to be the new trend for personal vendettas ?

7/10/09 6:25 AM  

i've been a long time reader and have even met you a few times in world.. and based on that you are not the kind of person that would such horrible things. that is such a bogus accusation. disgusting and i know i would be very offended. maybe they are jealous?

anyhow. you are awesome and you make awesome shoes and posts. please don't let some idiot change that. take care.

7/10/09 7:45 AM  

It is a totally unprofessional and unreasonable act. Says much about the character of said owner of the sim. I do hope you get your refund back or else please do AR her for scam and report her unprofessionalism to LL. It's not the 1st time it happened to people. Many close friends were previously attacked for unsupported reasons. My guess is she just need the publicity for her failing sims. Otherwise, its probably what Brinksie aforementioned - that she has a personal verdetta with you. Either way.. you have my 100% support for this issue of unfairness!

7/10/09 9:57 AM  

I’ve heard so much bad shit about Jori, it’s not even funny. She has fucked over 3 of my friends, I won’t get into details but judging by all the stories about her, it’s pretty clear that she’s a bitchy manipulator who doesn’t give a crap about anyone but herself. I’m actually quite happy that you’re banned because anything related to her is just bad news! Anyway you have a great store and you don’t need her stupid sim, I hope you find a great place for your next store :D

7/10/09 10:03 AM  

I didn't have a store there, she won't let me I guess, I was staying in the residential sim of Reach Isles

7/10/09 10:17 AM  

Fusion is running the Mix&Mingle Hunt, right? If you made or passed out a cheat sheet, you might have been banned. The organizer is banning anyone that does.

7/10/09 10:20 AM  

didn't either

7/10/09 12:13 PM  

I've had the pleasure of meeting Ding and chatting with her a few times and she's a lot of things that I love ... upfront, witty, sarcastic, and talented and that's just to name a few but she's not a copybotter by any means. This woman works her ass off and in my opinion has the best blog on fashion in SL. If it were me, as I was recently banned from a sim where I have a store, I would fight it with LL. It may do no good but atleast your name won't be tarnished and they can see just what kind of people are on SL that shouldn't be. Ding you're awesome and I have mad respect for you always!!!

7/10/09 12:34 PM  

Oh Ding! wtf?!
You rock it real time.
everyone knows that!

*kicks pebble*

7/10/09 12:57 PM  

ding, you posted a slurl that points straight to a mix&mingle hunt item, in the rules that's not allowed so many that's why.. hmm

7/10/09 2:32 PM  

so maybe** not many lol. woopsie:)

7/10/09 2:33 PM  

wow thats sucks. they should at least have proof before they boot someone out of a sim. hope you get things worked out.

7/10/09 11:03 PM  

No, the Mix & Mingle Hunt isn't run by Jori Watler or affiliated with the Fusion sims. "Total Fusion" is a different entity completely, although I heard the hunt organizers were spamming Fusion shop renters about the hunt.

8/10/09 5:07 AM  

IT's a new trend, I read on Shopping Cart Disco how people spread a "Warning" about people who copybot just as a form of revenge.

Store owners go bonkers now with all their anti-copybotting crap, Naith Smit's store was my first encounter with some Copybot Protection Mark V system, as I teleported I went to get coffee while the store rezzed, in the meantime the anti-bot protection was asking me if I indeed am who I am... And store owners are now Justifying any means and any attitude with this being against copybotters, but hey, show some respect for your customers and have some decency to look into the matters with a rational mind!

Appearently though his system was f*cked and it should have ejected me from the land, but all it really did was spam me up with "Are you really ______?" pop ups and direct some beam at me that I noticed just briefly as I returned to the keyboard.

I was mighty pissed actually, I had never seen that before.

I'm glad though you decided to post about it, it's important that store owners and land owners who do not appreciate their customers will be brought into the light.

All those store owners that get away with a greeting like "To all you curious kitty hunter cvnts" as their store greeting because they got pisse at the hunters for actually not comming to buy but to get a hunt item, all those land owners who decide to sell the sim without a warning and change the name, and get half our furniture lost in return, all those store owners that get a mean and nast attitude towards shoppers.

I know though that people would abuse that too, and tell lies about good store owners, as they use AR to get good people banned for ridiculous reasons and other forms of drama in SL.

8/10/09 8:57 AM  

I talked about this on my blog today. I think its bullshit:

8/10/09 5:03 PM  

and oh hugs Ding I think I own all your flats and they rock!

8/10/09 5:05 PM  

I'm really sorry to hear about this! Unfortunately we became sim mates under yucky circumstances it seems, but be sure your CRS neighbors won't be playing games like that. Hugs!

9/10/09 11:24 PM  

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