Newness at sugarcube!!

Although winter is near, flowers are still blooming in Sugarcube!! Sayuri has started a new fun line call Sugar, which is SUGARCUBE’s secondary line inspired by fashions of Japan. To celebrate this, this sugar dress is on sale throughout the weekend (200L instead of 250L)

Dress: ::SUGARCUBE - sugar by sugar dress ( amethyst )

Of course, you get freebies at occasions like this!! Two free tops and a dress (shown at the previous post) at three different locations:

get it here

get it here

If you are looking for a more dress down look for the cold weather, you could get these turtleneck and skirts, also part of the new release at Sugar.

Turtleneck: ::SUGARCUBE - turtle neck (brown)
Skirt: ::SUGARCUBE - belted skirt ( blue )

Have fun!!


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