Bingo and Drown

This post is long overdue. Since today will be THE SHOPPING DAY, mark Bingo and Drown in your to go list too!

It has been a VERY LONG TIME since we heard from Bingo, and now she's back with some new dresses and a gift (exclusive at the location in Sunny sim).

Dress: {Bingo} Allison
Dress: {Bingo} Becca

Dress: {Bingo}@Sunny: Cheer Costume (0L, click box to buy)

Drown is not a new name, it's a come back! You can get great cute/sexy/vintage dresses (and maybe hair soon) all at one location. Stop by and have a look!

Dress: .:*Drown*:. Sporty Dress ~ Red
Dress: .:*Drown*:. Snow Lolita

Dress:.:*Drown*:. Old Times ~ Cream
Dress: .:*Drown*:. Demeter Dress

Dress:.:*Drown*:. Jumper Dress

There are some gifts at the door too, remember to get them when you stop by! Have fun shopping :)


i like the hair (last picture). can you tell me where i can buy it, plz? ^^

28/11/09 8:28 PM  

It's from Drown too! You should contact the owner (Ruby Idora) for it.

29/11/09 9:43 AM  

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