Gift Idea!!

If you are thinking of getting a gift for your friend, you might want to consider this chipmunk AV from Rususipo shop. It's cute, cheap, and trans!! There's also a 5mins lucky board in store for a chipmunk outfit.

The only thing Jebus and me could say about this and can't stop squealing was: OMFG. sooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuttteeee!!!

<3 chipmunk
Chipmunks AVs: Risusipo shop: Chipmunk_winter_Tiny (60L, tons of variety)

Have a great day!


I was given the female by Nooooooodle and HOLY CRAP! this kind of cute is illegal in most states

17/11/09 2:30 PM  

yes, indeed!

17/11/09 5:04 PM  

because all we can do and say is:

"this is effing cute!"
" I can squeeze you to death!"
" OMFG. Dies"

17/11/09 5:07 PM  

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