Wigwambam is closing!! :( Everything in store is now 50L and under, this sale will end in 6 days starting today. Hurry down to get your hands on some of these cute pieces!

From Left to Right:
Top: Wigwambam: !!Lil' Pockets _Shirt (50L, new and on sale!)
Wigwambam:Pied de Poule Black Jacket (50Lnew and on sale!)
Top: Wigwambam:Croix Jacket (50Lnew and on sale!)

ModdG has just released some chic origami tanks!!! Check them out!!

modd g
Tops: Modd.G - Origami Ruffled Tank (150L each)

Last but not least, a group gift from Roule. Join Roule Group and check notices.
Skirt: Roule - Damme Skirt (Join Roule Group and check notices)

Have a great weekend!!


Thanks Ding. :-)

8/11/09 3:37 AM  

Oh my gosh, that houndstooth jacket in the middle is so nice. The brooch detail is very unique.
-beryl landar

8/11/09 8:26 AM  

np jojo...please don't go!

8/11/09 1:13 PM  

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