Pastel colors make me happy. I hope they make you happy too!! Free/new stuff for Sunday!

Skin: -=UZURI=- Jez - Dirty Smoky - Natural (not free, but gorgeous)
Tops: {SMS} Gift (Join So Many Styles Group and check notices)

Hair: [ Love Soul ] Copain gift*November 2009* (300L to join *+Copain+* group and get it here)
Outfit: K*S ONE-PIECE217-milk chocolate (2L)
Shoes: Bb**Snuggies low boots in white (new release)

Have a great day!


I saw those boots and immediately wanted them. They're so adorable and look cozy and comfortable. I wish I would have tried the demo before buying them, because I would have realized that they add nearly 7,000 to one's ARC all by themselves. :( I guess it's because of all of the little flexi fur. It's really unfortunate, because I generally try to keep my ARC as low as possible, and there's no way I will ever feel okay with wearing a pair of shoes that add that much to my ARC. Sooo sad, because they're very cute. :( They're good for pictures, though, at least, but that doesn't do me much good. Aw. Oh well.

Anyway, that's a super cute/sweet look. You look so precious. :D

9/11/09 10:40 AM  

oh well, you can wear it once a while, and not bother about ARC, (of course don't wear it to laggy places like skin fair) and be happy about it!

and thanks!!!

9/11/09 11:51 PM  

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