Saturday Group Stuff

Dress: Baiastice_Nostalgic Blue (Send Sissy Pessoa a notecard to join Baiastice Group and check notices)

Pacadi Jasha
Dress & Earrings: [Pacadi Jasha] - New Years Gift /amba dress (subscribo gift)

Zeerya Pryithea
Scarf: Zeerys Color Couture Scarf [] Psya-delic Color (Join Zeery Color Couture Group and check notices, purple one is 5L in store)

Top: couverture*otoshidama tee (Join Couverture Group and get it here)

sleepy cat
Hair: Exile Eva (newly released)
Outfit (including shoes): Sleepy Cat * Gift_02 (Join Sleepy Cat Group and check notices, Thanks Nana!)


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