*peeks around and says HI!

LONG TIME NO SEE!!! しばらくですね!!Hope you all have been good.

So everyone know about my move, it was pretty awesome. Great food but terribly hot weather till the extent that I secretly wish to walk around naked all the time.

I haven't been blogging because I have been waiting for my desktop (so that I can take better quality SL pictures) that I send through seamail, unfortunately, I got every single box that I sent except for my desktop. We speculate that someone from the local freight company stole it observing the condition of the shrink wrap on my shipment pallet. And chances of getting back my beloved 5y.o imac is like striking the billion dollar jackpot.

The question now for you guys is, which one will you prefer:

1. to blog with really pixelated ugly (imho, though I will try my best to make it look not pixelated) pics.
2.put this blog on halt till I get a new desktop but you can always buzz me up in SL and say hi.


Tell me what you think. Cheers!


hi there,

in generally i can say, there are some blogs out there - which are 'pixelated' but still very lovely but from personal view i feeling with you i wouldnt feel good if my pixes are owning pixel steps too. in the end is to say: act in the way how you feel the best - but a short msg is always good that your readers know you are still alive ;)

30/3/10 11:51 AM  

aw Ding, we love you, pixelated or not <3 I think we all got our start there anyway, didn't we? xd

30/3/10 12:52 PM  

Hi, good to know you are alive, Ding :-)

If you feel comfortable showing some not so perfect, even pixelated pics, do it. Blog! I don´t mind. It´s not your perfect pics I´m most interested in, it is you and your style. That´s the only thing that really matters. Perfect pics are just a bonus :-)

Hope to see you back to blogging soon!


30/3/10 1:57 PM  

Omfg . I cant believe you're here , honestly I've felt like my legs were gawn. Hope everything's cool IRL with you, I know you're a little perfectionist , so I understand that it would go against the grain to put stuff up that looks ugly ...but but we MISSED YOUUU, and would rub a bit of vaseline over our glasses to make it seem less pixelated. So please get out here and do what you do best, find the gorgeous things and show us where to go ;-) ... no pressure..honest guv..

30/3/10 2:20 PM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

30/3/10 2:21 PM  

Hi there! I'm a new subscriber to your blog! saw this first post and felt your pain *patpats* I cant imagine being without my SL so I can sympathize. I usually go mad if my power goes out for more then an hour! I hope you work something out soon :)

30/3/10 3:55 PM  

Hello Ding :]
Obviously, you are missed.
I'm very sorry about your desktop though D:
I think it's fine for you to do the first option, and then when you buy a new desktop, you can just change from there.
That way, you wouldn't miss anything.

30/3/10 3:55 PM  


30/3/10 6:02 PM  

Please do blog, Ms. Fotheringham. I've been missing your fab style! Portia C.

30/3/10 6:23 PM  

we missed you, just post

30/3/10 8:29 PM  


30/3/10 10:46 PM  

I choose the "pixelated pics"! :D
Have you by any chance moved to Brasil? LOL I feel like walking around naked all the time... It's soooo hot here.
Well, welcome back, sweety!

31/3/10 12:59 AM  

Hello Ding,

Even if the road that you think about is either, I support it. I am satisfied with there is only an intention to which you continue the blog again. I am waiting though it slows though it should be early. After all, the photograph of you who saw after a long time is lovely!

Rinapop Mai

31/3/10 3:06 AM  

Your my starting page of the day, and i would like to see a new one every day :-)
So go for it, see much worse pic's

31/3/10 3:17 AM  

Ding I think yur amazing as I've told you many times when I've noticed you in the same room as me. I understand the dislike of pixelated pictures but sad fact remains that you too are the 1st link in my blog tab and even though I knew you were gone for a while I still checked. You are my blog drug Ding and I need my fix. Either way I will still check yur blog daily just to see. Welcome back as you were missed bunches.

<3 Panda

1/4/10 9:53 AM  

Blog the pixelated stuff...I've been waiting forever for you to start blogging again! <3

8/4/10 9:59 PM  

Yes! Blog please! We miss you terribly :(

11/4/10 7:33 PM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

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