Thanks to Ephemeral who informed and saved me from burning my lindens in buying fall clothes. : D You can get all these in Jetcity for free!

Bottom: [Savvy Avvy]: dress pants_taupe_black belt (posted before, here)

From Left to Right:
Top:*Jetcity*: Cardigan
Roses:*Jetcity*: present rose
Scarf:*Jetcity*:muffler black

Top:*Jetcity*: Y-shirt yellow
Scarf:*Jetcity*:muffler mens red

Due to too much freebie shopping, blogging and photoshopping, I injured my hand.


Top:*Jetcity*: Real T-shirt
Hand Bandage:
*Jetcity*: bandage

That's it for now, have fun!


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