Things to grab

M&R Cupcakes is giving a set of new skins for the group members. If you are not in the group, you might want to consider to pay 250L to join because they always give away sets of skins, so it's all worth it.

Skin:M&R Cupcakes - GEMINI- 5 tones, makeup + freck option (250L to join M&R Cupcakes and check notices)

Pixel Passion has a little dollarbie hunt on searching for three great items. I don't know when it ends, so hurry down to get them all! You can get this zombie pinup skin by Mijin Boa, here.

Pixel Passion
Skin: Mijin Boa: Zombie pinup skin (0L)
From Left to Right:
Swimsuit:Pixel Passion: Sparkly Swimwear (1L, a pack of 7)
Dress:Pixel Passion: Starlight (1L, a pack of 2)
Outfit:Pixel Passion: Gabby in Garnet (1L)

Snatch has a cute freebie outfit for a limited time (get it here) and last but not least there is also a cute outfit for free at Girls Style.

free stuff
From left to right:
Outfit: Snatch: Carnivale (0L)
Girls Style: GS*Break-tank+Jeans set (0L)

That's it for now. Enjoy your weekend!!


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