Thanks Nebulae Aeon for letting me know about this HUD. You can do numerous things just with this hud. See below for some of the abilities of the hud,

1) REZ: let you to rezz a posing stand, platform 20x20/30x30 metres and a skybox

2) RADAR: showing who is near you and at a distance up to 96 metres

3) IDLE : to stay connected and not be disconnected for inactivity.

4) MOVE (Movelock): this function literally fixes you to the place in which you are standing.(Be aware that you will not be able to walk).

5) NON PHYS (non physical vehicule): a choice of two vehicles - Hoverpad and Spliff

6) STOP ANIM: to restore your avatar to normal position.

7) FLIGHT Button: This allows you to fly higher and faster.

8) FUN Button: an air surfboard, futuristic aeroplane, missile and etc

*BLITZED*: Goodies HUD (1L)

p/s: I am no longer worried that I will end up in the ocean when I come back from AFK =D


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