A treat for you from Kookie's! A whole bunch of cute dresses in a pack for only 100L and a special edition muggy boots for only 95L!! And just in case you haven't gotten that Kookie's markdown grayish silver platform, it's still there. So go there, like now!

Dress: Kookie's: LeRocket dress black
Dress:Kookie's: LeRocket dress pink

Dress:Kookie's: Booska dress Red
Dress:Kookie's: Booska dress Green

Boots:Kookie's: Special Muggy Love's (95L)

There's also some goodies from Pudge and CKSD's subscribo too!

Hair: PUDGE: Danzig's Girl (SPECIAL GROUP GIFT from subscribo)
Top: **CKSD** Old School Turtleneck Black (from subscribo)

Have fun!


where are the leather boots from? :)

25/11/08 9:34 PM  

That's from Storm Schmooz!

25/11/08 11:49 PM  

Your blog has become one of my favourite SL blogs (and I don't have thattt many I check regularly, to be honest). <3 It!

26/11/08 7:01 AM  

Thanks Mariya~!

28/11/08 5:36 PM  

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