This is Garbage.

Everything 10L and 2 dollarbies, one each for guys and girls, here at Garbage .

From left to right:
Top: -Garbage- Gumdrop (10L)
Bottom: -Garbage- Silver Bottom (1L, comes with the latex bottom)

Tunic: -Garbage- Splat (10L)
Bottom:-Garbage- Latex Bottom (1L, comes with the silver bottom)

Suit: -Garbage- Suits for the mens (1L, tons of different layer)

Good Night!


Hey :)
I hope you don't mind me adding you to my Must Read's links.
Just adding some of my favorite blogs that I read and yours was one! Great site btw!

29/12/08 1:29 AM  

Yowza, my man is in serious need of that paint-splatter suit...

30/12/08 12:10 PM  

haha cool!!

31/12/08 8:34 PM  

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