What's in my bag.

Since it's a new year, we decided to post something different, something that reveal a bit of what's behind Ding and Vent. So, we decided to take up "What's in your bag challenge?"
and I will go first.

The rules of this challenge: Dump out your bag (no cleaning!) and post a pic of it. Men with messenger bags, this applies to you, too. Bullet-point the contents with amusing commentary.

my bag

(Also shown: My totebag)

1. Moleskine for random notes and The World is Flat, current reading material.
2. Scarf for the shitty weather.
3. Mittens also for the shitty weather.
4. Pencil case with my microdrive attached.
5. Sigg bottle, containing water from last year.
6. Concealer / White Musk Mist / Hand Cream / Lipbalm.
7. Half tube of apple flavored Mentos.
8. Phone / Really worn out suede purse / Key / Credit Card Keytag.
9. Headphone / Kinda vintage Nano.
10. Outdated grocery lists and receipts from last year.

Vent's post for this challenge will up pretty soon, so stay tuned!


have got the same Headphones!! :D :D

1/1/09 8:22 PM  

Oh wow... You're taking the mystery out of it. I always wondered what is in there.

1/1/09 9:53 PM  

Oh girl!!Lovely bag =)!! That was definitely an interesting pic to share with us, I always wanted to find out what's behind Ding and Vent, thats is really something :). I loved that! =D
I guess you guys have no idea, but sometimes we readers feel so close to you, by reading your blog every single day, like me..=P. Well, I'm not sure if this happens with everybody, but I feel that way. The "what's in your bag challenge" was a great idea. Thanks sweetie!!!Keep on rocking in 2009! We need YOU!! =**

2/1/09 11:35 AM  

Eark: Hi five!

Munchies: LOL...now you know I am not any different!

DaniCherri: Thanks!!

2/1/09 1:10 PM  

You really are a cool person, aren't you? I can tell! <3 LOL

2/1/09 4:56 PM  

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