CSR Winter 2009

It's CSR again!! For those of you who are new to CSR, it is also known as Creators Stamp Rally and involves 20 different stores where you can obtain a card whenever you buy certain products that cost more than 100L during this period of time. You then have to go around the 20 stores and have your card(s) stamped (free of charge), and exchange a gift here with a fully stamped card. The great thing about it is that the card is trans, so you can always pass it to a friend as a gift. For more information on the event, check here.

Here are some of the gifts you can exchange with the cards:

Outfit: *COCO*_Winter Choice! 2009 GIFT
Pig: <>Pig Set*Choice2009Win Limited*

Coat: wc09-NINIKO-FullSculp COAT (also )
Shoes and Luggage: winter choice! 2009 by Picnic

Robot: S.I.C_MC775_White_BOX_Choice!

This time, you can also get a free CSR card here by joining choice information group. This event will end 1/18. It's easy and fun (and you might meet some new friends along the way)! Go CSR-ing today!

Riot's the new friend.
Riot's the new friend I met along the way!!


I love that scarf in the last pic with Riot. Where is it from?

28/12/09 5:26 PM  

That is from DP yumyum's gacha machine.

28/12/09 9:26 PM  

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