Monday Stuff

Here are some stuff you might be interested in getting today!!

Hair: ((JUNWAVE))*1L$ hair* (200L to join *+copain group+*, activate tag and get it here)
Skin: *CUPCAKES - Seduction - Cameo - Group Gift (250L to join Cupcakes Update Group and check notices)
Scarf: (P-K) Carre de soie Violet (1L to join Polina Kaestner creations. Group and check notices)

Dress: The Bunny Hop #229 - .::STUFF::.
Shoes: R2 Malama Opening Gift

Teacup Bathtub: The Bunny Hop #043 - off-brand furniture

Cake: The Bunny Hop #055 - =Feather=

Have fun~!


When trying to search for the *+Copain+* group it didnt come up :/
I searched in Groups and All
help :(

31/3/09 3:04 AM  

You can go to the love soul location and join, or try clicking on my profile, copain should be there :)

1/4/09 12:49 AM  

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