Cupcakes hunt!!

Cupcakes has an Easter Hunt searching for 20 eggs which are pretty visible. Egg 1-8 are seduction skins in different skintone (same makeup) and Egg 9-20 are outfits. Here are some of the stuff that you can get in the hunt:

Skin: *CUPCAKES Easter Egg #3 - Seduction - Cameo
From Left to Right:

Top: *CUPCAKES Easter Egg #14: Spring Halter - Floral - Orange
Top: *CUPCAKES Easter Egg #9 - Cropped Cardigan - Pink

Top: *CUPCAKES Easter Egg #11- Poofy Jacket Sleeve-Ocean
Vest: *CUPCAKES Easter Egg #12 - Underbust Vest - Dark Jean

Snapshot_008 copy
From Left to Right:
Dress: *CUPCAKES Easter Egg #17 - Glimmer Dress - Violet
Dress: *CUPCAKES Easter Egg #18 - Wild Dress - Hot Pink

Jacket: *CUPCAKES Easter Egg #19 - Blazer - Yellow
Top: *CUPCAKES Easter Egg #20 - Striped Shirt - Black and White

If you need help on this hunt, or the recent hunts, please head over to the D-list HQ and click the box on the table to get it!! Have fun!


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