Cute stuff for Tuesday!

Have fun!

DP and Bombon
Outfit on Ding: **DP**yumyum:rose petal dress:B+W (Join Double Pardox Group and camp for 30 mins here)
Tee on Vent: BomBon/my baby tee* (1L, two colors)


Nice outfits :)
Could you tell me please, were Venturino got this "deer hat"? :)
I'm trying to search in your blog, but without any luck :(

29/4/09 3:58 AM  

OMG - a French Bulldog t-shirt!
*runs to get it*

29/4/09 10:07 AM  

The hat/hair is from gritty kitty

30/4/09 10:38 AM  

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