Last post for today :)

Some gowns and tops to wrap up the day:

Snapshot_003 copy
From Left to Right:
Top: NoaR PC tanktop *pink (Join .::NoKMaK::. Group and get it here )
Top: Zaara@Tropical Escape : Maitri *copper* (60L)

Snapshot_001 copy
From Left to Right:
Gown: .:T2T:. Leopard Gown - Golden (1L)
Gown: .:T2T:. April lightbrown/brown (1L)

Have a great night!!


ohhh very nice, where did you get the white pants in the top image?

2/5/09 2:24 AM  

I'm looking for the white pants too.

2/5/09 7:10 AM  


2/5/09 8:32 AM  

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