Michami has a very pretty purple top for the subscribers. And there are some nice stuff to grab from the Rotten Egg Hunt at Carwash. Marlys has two very cute new hair with beret in store, go try it out today!!

Hair: .Marlys. Agent Provocateur maple (77L/2 colors)
Top: MichaMi: Ebba GroupGift (subscribo gift)

Bikini: /artilleri/ rotten egg hunt Annalee bikini (0L)

rotten egg hunt
Outfit: HB rotten egg hunt - Leonard (0L)

Hair: .Marlys. Art School Activist maple (77L/2 colors)
Dress: FLON rotten egg hunt - Hanna (0L)

Happy Friday!!


Thanks for using my two new hairs, Ding!
You look like you got a whole can of Sassifrass to open!
teee he :)

24/4/09 3:13 PM  

I couldn't find the FLON hunt dress. Have they relocated?

24/4/09 7:09 PM  

I have a question, maybe you know where to find it.

I’m looking for a darker skin, like in the color with Redgrave Naomi that im using right now. A very detailed skin with preferable dark/black makeup. My wallet doesnt allow a skin for 1000L right now, but I still want a new one, since im not happy with mine.

So maybe you know a luckychair/campingchair/or a store thats very cheap?

And it would be fun if there was freebies for implant nation-breasts.. I don’t know if it exists, but it would be fun.

25/4/09 8:32 AM  

anon: maybe you could try cupcakes. They have a lucky chair there with some dark skins.

26/4/09 7:57 AM  

Thank you, I will look cupcakes up then

26/4/09 11:59 AM  

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