Today, we say goodbye to Plod

Plod has always been one of my favorite places in SL. Not only they have the most interesting toys to offer, that place is one of the prettiest place inworld. Unfortunately, it has been closed down, and the only thing the Plod creators left behind for us, is a memory of the store and the toys, built into a miniature, as a keepsake. Join Plod Group and check notices to get it.




nuuuuuuu :(

but, lovely photos as usual, ding


23/4/09 9:15 PM  

That is really sad. I just hate seeing amazing store go away!

24/4/09 1:57 PM  

What a real pity to see plod and its ubercute items go "for good". :(

As I understand, plod is another victim of the Openspace price hike. Personally, I'm quite sad that there won't be some kind of satellite store to keep at least some of the items available for purchase, like in partnership with Kurotsubaki or taking up Dove Swanson's offer to place a storefront on the Festivale sim.

Squeeze a squirrel and say farewell!

24/4/09 3:15 PM  

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