Skins and Emery!!

Skins and dresses again!!

Dress: Emery Gift - Dress Rock&Glam #8 (0L)
Dress: Emery Gift - Dress Rock&Glam #4 V2 (0L)

From Left to Right:

Skin: FS Skin - Kimberly Tan-Pop (Join Free Speerit Group and check notices)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] FREE Kalista base skins (0L)
Skin: =Hal*Hina= LB Skin *Pretty Mouth* (1DM point to sit on lucky chair)
Skin: Banilacoco open freebie (0L)

One very great place I would like to introduce to you today is Dreams Mall. The reason I name it great is because there is a lucky chair with great items in front of every store. In order to get the gift on the lucky chair, you have to get a hud to collect DM points. These points could be obtained from two ways, by wearing the hud and clicking on the tsubos (vase like objects all over the place) then answer a trivial question, if you got the answer right, you will get one DM point, there is a gold tsubo at the center of the mall which gives away 100 DM points from time to time, so watch out for that one. The other way to collect points is to shop at Dreams Mall. You get 5% back (in points form) for purchasing something over 20L in any store (except for Formal Tower shopping at first floor).

Here is the fun part, the points are not only for lucky chairs, but they work as points which you can use for later shopping trips. 1DM points= 1L. The more you collect, the more you can spend on!! I think there's also an option for you to make them into gift points, but with a different exchange rate, not sure about that. There are at least 50 tsubos around in Dreams Mall, but the catch is that you can only click on each, one time per day. These are free points to grab!! Go visit Dreams Mall now.


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