Like in the title, I am going to introduce you to some new stores to you with great items to grab. Stop by S@BBiA to get these nice and free outfit/top. Then go to Drown, a new store by Ruby selling some cute dresses and hair (great hair btw), they have a cute freebie for you too!

From Left to Right:
Outfit: S@BBiA::Spring::Gift (0L)
Top: S@BBiA::Cardigan:D-BUTTON (0L)

From Left to Right:
Hair: Drown~ Clockwork~Black (not free)
Dress: Drown~ Star Dress (0L)

Hair: Drown~ Thursday black (not free)
Dress: Drown~ Dominica Dress (not free)

Reek, our favorite tee/belt maker has come out with more yummy tees for 5L!! The gift tees are in the subscribo still, and also check out the Camp Anawanna Tees, which are 125 for a huge pack.

On Vent:
Tee: Reek - Camp Anawanna - Gray (125 fat pack)
On Ding:
Tee: Reek - Camp Anawanna - Yellow
(125 fat pack)

On Vent:
Reek - Bangin! Guys Tee Blue (5L, 2 colors)
On Ding:
Reek - Bangin! Girls Tee Gray/Yellow (5L, 2 colors)

Last but not least, here are some gifts from Icing, Pink Outfitters, Miel and E! .

Snapshot_02 copy
From Left to Right:
Dress: *ICING* Pocket Full of Posies (subscribo gift)
Top: [Pink] Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse (GIFT) - light green (subscribo gift)
Top: E! Lumberjack Unisex Open Shirts (Discovery Hunt gift, click on magnifying glass)
Scarf: MIEL WPGIV BLACK LACE SCARF - MAY (subscribo gift)

That's it for now, have a great sunday!


Ding, where is the updo you're wearing from?

3/5/09 12:07 PM  

It's from Roge, and you can find it here:

There is also a lucky board version of it.

3/5/09 12:36 PM  

Just so you all know, to get the *ICING* dress,you have to pay 265 Lindens to join the group. :'(

4/5/09 1:54 AM  

really? I got it from the subscribo.

4/5/09 2:32 PM  

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