Newness at Reek! New Lucky Board Gift, new 5L tees, and new other items! Hurry down to check them out!

On Ding:
Top: Reek - Beatles Tee - White (lucky chair)
On Vent:
Top: Reek - Beatles Tee - Black (lucky chair)

On Vent:
Top: Reek - Baseball Tee - Navy (199L pack of 10 colors)
On Ding:
Bandaid: Reek - I Heart Bandaid Knees (99L)
Top: Reek - Baseball Tee - Red (199L pack of 10 colors)


Hi! I have that tee´s, they´re amazing :D

I love Vent´s hair, where is from?

Thank ya guys ^^

4/6/09 12:32 PM  

it's from a.C store. :)

5/6/09 12:25 AM  

I love the band-aid knees beyond reason. I've wanted this look for a while, for my tomboy days, but could only find prim band-aid attachments that would never line up with my knees quite right - and these have the surrounding redness that makes the whole thing look more natural. Thanks very much!

5/6/09 8:37 PM  

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