VPoses wedding!!

A June wedding is also known as a perfect wedding. This June, VPoses has all the wedding poses (couple/group) to make your wedding an unforgettable one. Even if you are not having a wedding, these poses work well on other occasions too!

VPoses Wedding

VPoses Wedding

VPoses Wedding

VPoses Wedding

VPoses Wedding

Along with this new release, there's a limited time gift for you. TP over to VPoses mainstore now!!

VPoses Freebie (limited time only)


I´m almost speechless ....almost :-))

Absolutely great job, great poses, stunning dresses and the pics are A+!

Love it :-)


Hazel Homewood

6/6/09 11:21 AM  

Yay! What a wonderful pose set! And yeah..great styling! LOVE! ;D

6/6/09 11:59 AM  

Great idea! Kuddos!

6/6/09 2:00 PM  

I love those poses!

6/6/09 2:24 PM  

Super cute Ding! Loving the wedding poses! The only SL wedding I ever attended could have REALLY used these :p

6/6/09 4:43 PM  

Some inspiration from the classics here, I see:


Lovely to see it reproduced as a pose in SL!

7/6/09 1:12 AM  

These poses are great! Fantastic ideas :)

7/6/09 1:55 AM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

7/6/09 1:55 AM  

Thanks everyone! :)

8/6/09 1:25 AM  

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