I am a ...

I am not a vampire, and no, I do not suck blood. This is a portrait of a dick. Yes, I am a dick who suck all the fun away. /me sucks......

I suck your fun
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope ! VIP Group gift ! (250L to join Tuli Group and get it here)

p/s I am simply excited and honored and squealing like a crazy fangirl when I saw my picture featured in one of my favorite blogs that I follow religiously....OMG...faints~!


Ding you rawk hard core ... hell I didn't even know what the numbers were till this post lol. Keep it up girl!!!

31/8/09 12:54 AM  

I just wanted to say that I sort of love you and your blog. Keep on doing what you do!

31/8/09 1:34 AM  

if only there were a mute/ignore function for entire websites...

31/8/09 1:39 AM  

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31/8/09 4:30 AM  

I have a limited download and so can not TP here there and everywhere to find items that the majority of the time I really do not want. I am one of the people who do appreciate posted co-ords and items so I'm not wasting my time, money and download. Thank you Ding!

31/8/09 5:33 AM  

Keep on doing your great job, Ding! I appreciate each and every blog post, and I am more than grateful for posted co-ords. Sometimes some people just suck somehow, somewhere ;-)You are definitely not one of those suckers.

31/8/09 6:21 AM  

I was just telling someone the other day that I was happy to see you return. Keep on doing what you do - you can't please everyone!

Welcome back - your blog was missed!!

31/8/09 7:30 AM  

you are a dick to suck..good of you to be so and good for me <3 noone can be forced to suck you.. "leave or take it" you are .. ı take it ;)

31/8/09 10:52 AM  

Shopping Cart Trolls are the trash of SL, enough said.

31/8/09 1:55 PM  

I can assure you that you have many more fans than detractors. Yay you are back!

31/8/09 3:08 PM  

Way to come back with a bang, Ding! Love you bunches!

31/8/09 6:49 PM  

Hey, I wanted to let you know that the article over on *that other blog* is what sent me here to read yours. I like it. I'll definitely be back. You should send them a note thanking them for the traffic. =D Watch them squirm.

31/8/09 6:58 PM  


31/8/09 8:19 PM  

I posted this on the SCD article as it is listed below. I should have also added that, if I only have 5 minutes to read a blog it is much more likely to be yours because yours actually has useful content rather than constant barrage negative comments:

I would probably not have started doing hunts if it were not for Ding and Vent. I would probably not have experienced all the wonderful sims and stores that I have. And it is very likely I would not have had any interest in reading most of the fashion blogs out there. I have bought more and participated more in SL Fashion as a direct result of their efforts in making it possible to make the most out of hunts. So I am appreciative and the designers with good products should be, too. Just getting people to your store in a huge hunt is a big deal and Ding and Vent do just that, provided you have made a worthwhile gift for the hunt. Thanks Ding. Thanks Vent.

1/9/09 1:00 AM  

I agree with everyone here, Ding. I'm so glad you're back! :) It's nice to know someone who sucks hard.

1/9/09 4:24 PM  

Ding. I think you are great. We all luv you. :)

3/9/09 12:30 PM  

ROFL - I think you're awesome and my life would suck without you - and your hunt helps.

5/9/09 12:31 PM  

I read that post and immediately looked you up and subscribed! I fail to see the reasoning behind it "sucking all the fun away". If you want the hunt to keep it's mystery, don't use the coordinates. Unless they have a photographic memory, looking at them while reading the post isn't going to ruin it for anyone.

6/9/09 4:27 PM  

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