Sugarcube has a new store at Albero. You can get a free dress to celebrate the opening and also 20 percent to the new fringe tunics. Act fast before it's gone!

From Left to Right:
Dress: ::SUGARCUBE - stripe flare dress (0L)
Dress:::SUGARCUBE - fringe tunic- blue (180L)

Another thing to do this weekend other than the poop hunt, is the Pacadi Jasha Hunt. Pacadi Jasha reminds me of the Armidi/Elephant Outfitters in the earlier times, I was wondering if this is branched out from there... Anyway, 15 really tiny bags to be found all over the place. They are ranged from 1L to 5L (mostly 5Ls) and you can get clothings, accesories, skin, eyes and manicure from the bags. Here are some of the things you can find in the hunt:

Pacadi Hunt
From Left to Right:
Top: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A003 (5L)
Top: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A004 (5L)
Dress: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A002 (5L)
Top: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A001 (5L)
Necklace: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A015 (5L)

Pacadi Hunt
Hat: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A009 (5L)
Bangle: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A011 (2L)
Bangle: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A010 (5L)
Socks: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A012 (2L)

Pacadi Hunt
Glasses: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A006 (1L)
Scarf: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A008 (5L)
Manicure: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A007 (5L)
Tights: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A005 (5L)

For more help, head over to D-list HQ. Have a great Sunday people!


You always have the best shoes on.

30/8/09 9:02 PM  

Any hint on where 3 & 4 are ... looking all over and they are the only 2 I can't seem to find. I'll give you a cookie hehehe.

30/8/09 11:41 PM  

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