Jolly Hair for Christmas.

from Roule! 50L per color pack/200L for fatpack and one of the hair shown is free! Scarves are gifts from Argrace and Truth.

From Left to Right:
Hair: Roule - Molli (50L per colorpack)
Scarf: *ARGRACE* Hooded Scarf (0L, female and male version available)

Roule - Charlotte (50L per colorpack)
Roule - Afrodite (0L. fatpack)

Roule - Leila (50L per colorpack)
Scarf: >TRUTH< Lygon Scarf [red stripe] (subscribo gift)


Ding, great post! I have to ask ... where is that deliciously yummy turtleneck from? and can you tell me if the neck on it comes with a copy for both spine and neck or did you have to fix the attachment points yourself

10/12/09 10:02 AM  

That turtleneck is from DP Yumyum and no the turtleneck doesn't come in different attachment points, I think it's attached on the spine.

10/12/09 3:25 PM  

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