I know these Modd.G jackets have been all over the feeds, and they are not like hotfreshnew but I have to spam the feeds again just because. They are very versatile and can basically go with anything. You can also get a pink version of it from the Down the chimney hunt.

Modd G
Jackets: Modd.G Leigh Jacket

And here's a little tease of the soon to be released from Veschi. I am not a bag person in SL, but I LOVE this bag to bits, the details are just too awesome to be passed. The wait won't be long though, it will be released very very soon.

Modd G, Veschi
Jacket: Modd.G Leigh Jacket
Bag: Veschi Lemme Borrow Yer Bag Grandma - Gold (Hand) Citrus

Have fun shopping!


Busy, busy Girl!! Great posts & fantastic pictures (as always). I appreciate your dedication, you are very helpful for finding great gems <3

11/12/09 12:38 AM  

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