There's a hunt on Maeva, ending this weekend and the mission is to find 14 little black gift bags. All these bags cost 1L each except for the skin bag which costs 5L. It is well worth it. I am showing you the exact cordinates to all 14 items from the hunt, so you can go straight to the one that you want to get. (warning: some of the bags are hidden quite well, so use your camera to zoom around.)

Maeva Hunt

Maeva Hunt

Maeva Hunt

If you have any trouble finding any of these, IM me in world and I'll show you the way. Much thanks to Lanai Lubitsch who helped me out in the hunt!


Hey Girl! First I'd like to thank you for spending your time with me at the hunt! Second I want to thank you for mention me here! ^^'. Third I'd like to say I was VERY lucky to meet you! You are a lovely person to be with! And I'd like to say, once again, that your blog is amazing! Clear, good pictures, great Layout and I luve the topics you pick!
Keep this good work! And you can always count on me! ^_~


31/7/08 2:09 PM  

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