Oh Yips! (Part One)

Four Yips is one of the most creative people (and not to forget extremely generous) that I've known in SL. This is one of the three part tribute that Ding and I are going to do on Yips.

I have never heard about Yips until one fine day I realized that the random poster beside Shai Delacroix section in Gnubie Store is actually a section for Yips. Almost everything that you see in the poster is something that you can get for free.Lucky that I realized, if not I would have missed all the fun! Besides clothings (which are usually given away for free), Yips also creates the most detailed, wonderful, out of the world carnival-ish supplies that are also, surprisingly, given away for free.

Here are some of the outfits (not including shoes and necklace) by Yips:

From Left to Right: Yips: Charlie Highwaist Pantsuit, Black and White Suit

The Charlie Highwaist Pantsuit actually comes in this Charlie Cinema Package which also includes a rezzable Charlie cinema. Click on one of the poseballs (there are two, for different walks) and you will start to 'walk', the background will move so it will look as if you are walking down the street. (I promise I will take a video clip on this once I learn how to do it.)

Yips Charlie Cinema

Then, there's a third poseball on a one wheel bike beside the cinema, which apparently is why the screen is moving, lol.


You can also find these: the Therapist Clothes Package and the Magritte Painting at Yips little store. Rezz them out and sit on it, and you will find part of yourself invisible. These is some fun stuff that might come in handy if you are holding some kind of carnival theme parties.

Yips Therapist Clothes Package

Yips Magritte Painting

There are a whole lot more of outfits (for the ladies) and fun stuff from Yips that we are going to post later on. Before that, go get your Charlie cinema and get a friend to join you with the fun. Stay Tuned.

Warning: The rezzable props are kind of big in prims, remember to rezz it at some place with a few extra prims.


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