The generous Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice is giving out gifts again! What's special about this gift is that it is not the usual boxes that are wrapped up with bow ties, instead this comes in a form of a fully functional antique closet, as shown below.

Grandma's Closet

When you click on the closet door, it make a creaking sound (like one of those really old ones) and open up to this:

Grandma's Closet

And what amuses me is whatever you can see in the closet is wearable, which includes: hair, eyes, shape, skins, five full outfits, granny glasses, brooch and earrings. Just click and open and voila, you get an outfit!

Grandma's Closet
This is how a granny should look like in SL. (Everything you see here is from the closet.)
Grandma's Closet
The granny is a hot one when she was young. (The skin and hair shown here is not included.)

You can get the closet at Baiastice freebie area, and also if you join the **BAIASTICE*** by Sissy Pessoa group, you will also get this dress (comes along with a top and bottom set, too) as this month's group gift.

One last thing for now, (thanks again to the gifts and hunts extrordinaire, Lanai Lubitsch), Big Booty Big Money is also giving away a cute little dress for their group members, so hurry and join Big Booty, Big Money wants you group to get this.

Big Booty Big Money
Skin: Domestic-V : Special Edition Skin#1 (Group Gift)
Necklace: Shiny Things at Gnubie: Knotted Bead Strand-Ruby
Dress: BBBM group gift: Inside Dress


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