Chai Holiday hunt!

Fairly easy hunt, you are asked to find very visible black gems in Chai. TP here and start going into all the rooms to look for them! There are 8 skins (same skin 8 different skintones with various options) , 2 tees, a shape and a set of nails to be grabbed! The hunt will end 12/31, so you have tons of time still. Here are some of the skins from the hunt:

chai skin
Skin:<LF CHAI Double-Shot> Brisk

Have fun hunting! Thanks Galadhriel for your help!!!


Love the hair!

9/12/08 11:17 AM  

from fascino!

9/12/08 11:21 AM  

Where is the hair from? So cute!

10/12/08 2:24 AM  

Where is the hair from? So cute!

10/12/08 2:25 AM  

Yes, where is the hair from?

10/12/08 5:24 AM  

Ding already said it was from Fascino before u guys even asked... lol read above comments :P

10/12/08 2:16 PM  

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