Savvy Avvy Hunt

There's a hunt at Savvy Avvy, 12 huge boxes that contain goodies for both men and women to found, VERY EASY TO IDENTIFY, don't know when the hunt will end so hurry!

savvy avvy
On Ding:
Dress: [savvy avvy] gift #7 - Hypnose cocktail dress (also comes in gown version)

On Vent:
Headphone: [savvy avvy] gift #3 az SLONY pro dj headphones
Sweater: [savvy avvy] gift #2 polar neck sweater - brown

savvy avvy
On Ding:
Coat: ***La petite fleur chidori short court*** @ B.A.S. (Lucky Chair, thanks Galadhriel!)

On Vent:
Sweater: [savvy avvy] gift #1- winter pullover white

Since it's a seriously easy hunt, I will let you find them by yourselves. :)) Good luck hunting!


i am having problems finding 8 and 9!! eeps

12/12/08 3:27 AM  

1-7 are in the store, the rest are outside the store. :))

12/12/08 3:48 PM  

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