Lotsa gifts~!

Click the links/Join the groups to grab the stuffs!

From left to right:
Hair:DK: Wynter Group Gift ( Join Deviant Kitties Update Group and check notices)
Outfit: [S&S} Xmas Present (1L)

Top : Crash POE Gift #57: Don't feed the Models
Jeans: [KA] Designs christmas gift 12/9 (1 day only)

Hair: {fascino} *+.X'masGift.+*
(Join {fascino} Hair Salon Group and check notices)
Dress: ~Ivalde ~ Adventgift 9*Faustine* (Join Ivalde Group and get it here)

And I think you have to have this dollarbie hot chocolate (marshmallow on top :D) giver table set from Grimalkin. Thanks Nikita Weymann for dropping me a copy! (Update: Nikita also made a version specially for vamps: Blood and Marshmallows, also for 1L)

table that gives hot chocolate
Table set: [Grimalkin] Intimate Dining Set (1L)

Enjoy the rest of your day!


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