Quick update.

Going to the movies soon, so before that, a quick update for all of you:

Archange has a new group gift! Join Archange group and get it here for 1L. Then there's a tank top that I got from 141 at Creators Pavillion, I think it is pretty versatile, and it is free, so just get it. Last but not least, a really cute dress from Maria Bonita (thanks Linda!) for free again of course.

From Left to Right:
Outfit: Archange:Eliza - Platinum (Join
Archange group and get it here )
Top: 141 borfer camisole (0L)
Dress: ::maria bonita:: "lovely flowers " black (0L)

Have a great weekend!


That last dress at Maria Bonita appears to be 180L now....

16/11/08 12:45 AM  

sorry to hear that, I didn't know it was a limited freebie. :(

16/11/08 10:09 AM  

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