A new shape.

Update: Try this shape with the lionskin from POE hunt, and it looks kinda similar to Angelina:


And this shape also work with Belleza, Beauty Avatar and a couple other skin well too! Hurry before the 350L price is gone!

This shape is inspired by Angelina Jolie (well it depends on the skin still) and I will put it up for sale here at a price of 350L for one day only (usual price will be 450/no mod or 600/mod). This shape is pretty versatile and is probably meatier than the previous Twiggy shape, so grab the demo and try it out!


Twiggy shape will return to the usual price of 450/no mod and 600/mod by tommorow, so hurry if you are interested in getting one!


Ha! I wouldnt pay a linden for those shapes! The nose of Angelina's ones, how you call it looks like a bloody potato. And i have no idea why you called it Angelina cause it looks nothing like her. Concentrate on something else, girl :)

15/1/09 11:55 AM  

I would pay for them.( the person above is jealous that they cant make them). so eff them!

16/1/09 10:41 PM  

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