Things to grab today!

There haven't been much freebie circulating around after new year. However, I heard there's a big hunt coming up again, so get enough rest and get ready for the next invasion of inventory!

Here are something from Alchemy and M'z that you might like to pick up today:

From Left to Right:
Outfit: *Alchemy* Invierno (subscribo gift)

Boots: M'z winterboots long pink (lucky chair, changes every 10 mins)

Have a great night!! and keep warm!!


Hi!!! IM harmonyjade yifu in sl and I think you need to see my blog

15/1/09 2:16 AM  

LOL, as Fashion Planet seems to be stuck on yesterday, your blog appears constantly on top! Grab your chance.... ;-)

16/1/09 2:56 AM  

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