I've been trying out to make a shape that looks like Twiggy, the mod icon, and this is the closest the best that I can do, with my skills now. I decided to put it up for sale at an introductory price of 350L for 3 days ,here. The shape is no mod/copy/no trans. Here's a close up and comparison of the face:

twiggy comparison
Hair: Gritty Kitty: BLONDE Hathair
Lashes: MMS-Photoshoot II Lashes
Skin: MMS-LondonPale-makeup3a
Eyes: pc eyes by LL - night rain

Go have a look now!


Looks great Ding! I love it!

11/1/09 5:54 PM  

Oh that's perfect! Love it!

11/1/09 6:01 PM  

Really realistic, congrats Ding :)

11/1/09 6:21 PM  

Oh, she's my favorite model of all time! Well done!

11/1/09 7:59 PM  

oh that is great!
I made a Sarah Palin shape and I would get stopped by random people asking me about it. haha. It's fun making celeb shapes

Melissa Mnemonic

11/1/09 10:49 PM  

Ding this is lovely!! I love how Twiggy looks so retro and modern all at once! Fantastic :D

13/1/09 3:39 AM  

The eyes are to die for. But I can't wear it for long until I feel the need of a bag of cookies. Can you make a 90's model? A little more meat on her bones?

13/1/09 9:22 AM  

Thanks everyone!

Anon: I made twiggy thin because she's thin. lol, I will take your suggestion for making a meaty model.

13/1/09 12:37 PM  

/me agrees with everyone. It's awesome, Ding, congratz!

14/1/09 12:29 AM  

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